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I offer online private consultancy to authors navigating self-publishing. Read on to find out more


I have worked for more than 5 years as an author, publishing books of a variety of different genres in multiple formats and using different publishing methods. During that time I have built a successful YouTube channel with almost 5k subscribers, sharing writing and publishing tips. I also have an MA in education - explaining difficult processes and concepts is my speciality!

What do I offer?

I can consult on a variety of topics:

  • editing and design options

  • formatting

  • publishing options

  • marketing ideas (including digital marketing)

  • audiobook creation

How does it work?

I offer consultancy via Zoom at a time convenient to you (if you are in a different time zone this is still workable). I will ask you to give me an overview of what would like to discuss ahead of time so that I can gather information and resources to best use our time. 


I charge £20 per hour. This will be invoiced to you after our session.

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  "Emma is the real deal.

  As stated on her popular YouTube Channel, “She’s an indie author, passionate about marine ecology and breastfeeding.” When I first read this sentence, I thought what an interesting person, quickly followed by my 2nd thought, “I hope she’ll meet with me!” 

  When I reached out to Emma I was very, very close to publishing my first book. I just needed that last bit of hand-holding.

  Emma was the perfect person. 

  I had taught myself many of the self-publishing steps while hiring various freelancers along the way. When I found Emma, our meeting was perfectly timed to get me across the finish line. With her care and support (seriously…this is so important when publishing a book…care and support), she helped me become a first-time author.

  Her energy and authentic personal brand (YouTube, many self-published books, and vibrant social media presence) all told me, “She knows what she’s doing.” She’s also built her knowledge from the ground up which appealed to me.

  I highly, highly recommend reaching out to Emma for a supportive, knowledgeable presence to help you advance your self publishing journey. (I just hired her again as I prepare to release my book’s audio version."


Hillary Augustine, Author of The Currency Paradigm

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