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Written by Emma Rosen and Illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas

Hardback £12.99, paperback £7.99


Mummy takes Tilly (and some freshly baked cookies) to meet Uncle James and Auntie Grace's new baby. When Tilly first sees baby Ben she wonders why he’s snuggled up so closely to Auntie Grace. Luckily, her aunt knows all sorts of funny facts about how different kinds of animals give their babies milk, which helps Tilly understand what breastfeeding is. 


This is a heartwarming story for little ones to share with their families and it makes space for deeper conversations about what happens when a new baby comes along.


Suitable for ages 4-7


203mm x 254mm. Printed in the UK.

Shipping: Royal Mail Second Class.

Milk and Cookies

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