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Written by Emma Rosen and Illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas.

Paperback £7.99.


Sponsored by Natural England, this is the first book in the 'Discovering Marine and Coastal Habitats' series for kids


If you look out at the ocean

As you're standing on the shore,

Do you ever stop and wonder

What there could be to explore?


Discover the Secret Seagrass Meadows.


What is seagrass?

What creatures might you find hiding among the leaves?

How are seagrass meadows being protected for the future?


With Emma Rosen's gentle rhymes and Rhiannon Thomas's coastal watercolours, children will love this beautiful story.


Suitable for ages 4-7


190mm x 229mm. Printed in the UK on 100% sutainably sourced paper.

Shipping: Royal Mail Second Class.

Secret Seagrass Meadows

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